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Another Day

Another Day and soon I shall be a writer.
Some day and maybe I'll be a bit lighter.
Never will come the day when I'm a fighter.
For tomorrow will be a lot brighter.
And my pants will no longer be tighter.

So much for nonsense!

Lights at the end of the Tunnel shine brightly, lighting the way down th straight and narrow path. The people in the know, follow the light down that straight and narrow path, keeping their hope with that light. Their sorrow, their pain, their joys and their gains are all wrapped up in that light at the end of the tunnel. One by one, they conquer their sorrow and their pain. One by one their joys bedcome immense and their gains overly bountiful. As they come closer and closer to that light at the end of the tunnel, their load becomes lighter and lighter. Until soon, the load exist no more and their shoulders are bare of all but laughter and joy. The people in the know rejoice in the light they found at the end of the tunnel. For it is the light that carried them through. It is the light that made their load so much lighter. That light that can only be the Messiah himself.
2/3/04 copyright
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